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Why should a language be a barrier when it can be a connection between you and your partner?! Reach out to the whole world and find interesting people, willing to learn a new language, just like you! Conversation Exchange is an extraordinary tool that enables users to learn a second language quickly and easily, in the most interesting way.

Conversation Exchange with Native Speakers

Don't waste your time trying to learn a language from generic dictionaries because theory could never be as effective as practice. Now you have an opportunity for a conversation exchange with native speakers and all you need to do in return is teach them your first language. You get what you give!

Conversation Exchange - Language Exchange Solution

Human language system is unique. It is a symbolic communication system that is effectively learned instead of biologically inherited. Language is a tool to attain knowledge, transmit information, express feelings, emotions and ideas; forge cultural ties and construct social identity. Conversation Exchange is language exchange solution provider.

Conversation Exchange is a practical medium where language exchange, conversations and learning surface themselves. Meaningful dialogue among people their aspirations and ideas are shared. Conversation exchange helps material knowledge about a language by indulging in actual session rather than cribbing through the books and mugging up the grammatical aspects of that particular speech.

The importance of conveyance is often missed. Humans have a great expertise in communication, but still, misunderstandings and mistranslations are common. It is hubristic of a belief that one can travel the world and expect natives of every country to understand his or her native language. In order to travel the world, a desire and willingness to get along with new cultures and methods is essential. Adaptability, hence, includes the capacity to communicate with people in various dialects. It's a serious impairment for not being able to communicate when you are in a foreign nation; it is the responsibility of the one who has traveled to that destination to know all about the communication dialects of that particular place. It is extremely difficult and near impossible, to adjust and get along with new people if there is no way to communicate with one another.

For attaining an all-around comprehension one must be aware of various skills like:


History of Conversation exchange as a practice:
This Second Language Practice has been used by individuals since long. It first came in the early 1800s. School-aged pupils in England were introduced to the newly set up program. Belgium and Switzerland discovered that the language exchange program was an easy task to run to run since there were many languages spoken in just one country. The youth picked up French and German language exchange programs in 1968 which then spread to Turkey and Madrid too.

How a conversation exchange should be practiced:
It enhances reading and writing. Write your message partially in your local language and another half in the language of your pal. If you are answering to a message you should also check the mistakes done by your penpal, and vice-versa

One important fact about training in languages is to enjoy it. People grasp things much better and fast if they learned in an engaging and ludicrous way or during a pleasing experience. So it's important to Find a Conversation Exchange Partner who has similar interests and sense of humor as yours. A conversation exchange partner could at best be an activity partner. One can go for exercise and yoga classes together, to art galleries, concerts etc. greater the exposure the more comprehensive will be the understanding of your second language. It is also much easier to memorize a word or expression you've come across in specific places while you were doing something else and were not practicing your conversation.

It is widely misconceived that communicating a language needs knowledge of proper grammar to avoid mistakes. Routine conversations also lead to a basic understanding of how to speak a particular lingo. For eg, A native speaker did not learn about his mother tongue by training himself with grammar. It becomes part of your vocabulary. These are colloquial expressions.

For instance, if you don't find a language exchange partner in your local area, the internet has access to the entire world and therefore you must make good use of it. Skype, facebook messenger, or windows messenger can be of great help. A group of few individuals can also develop an open chat room for this purpose.

Why learning different languages is important:
1. To enhance your creative sides
2. Increase avenues for opportunities academically
3. Gives options for choices in career
4. More participation in a multicultural world
5. Have a say in formulating global economy by sharing experiences
6. Helps in personal development
7. Gets to the answers of all know how's of technological developments around the world

Moreover, it is all about enhancing your inter-cultural skills. It improves your language proficiency. Your self-analysis about grasping power becomes handy.



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Guide to Find Second Language Exchange Practice



Age: 27

Country ,City flags United States, Sacramento

Native Language Spanish,

Practicing Language English, Italian,

My name is Ivan and I would like to practice my English and Italian language skills by getting feedback from you and providing feedback to your Spanish.



Age: 29

Country ,City flags Turkey, İstanbul

Native Language Turkish,

Practicing Language English,

Hi I am here to improve my English and I would be glad to help you in Turkish



Age: 25

Country ,City flags Syrian Arab Republic, Dakar

Native Language English,

Practicing Language Arabic,

My name is Amira 25 years old from Syria single and nice person My name is Amira 25 years old from Syria single and nice person My name is Amira 25 years old from Syria single and nice person



Age: 24

Country ,City flags India,

Native Language Hindi, Marathi,

Practicing Language English,

Hello everyone. I am interested in learning English because it is the most common language worldwide. In return, I can support you in learning Hindi / Marathi.