Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact a user if I want to become their friend and have a conversation?

  • Step 1: create an account with us.

  • Step 2: send request to the person you want to be friends with.

  • If the person accepts you friend request you can contact and have a conversation with that person via our system.

Is email address visible on profile?

  • Email address is needed for creating an account but it is not shown on your public profile created with the website.

Is there any price to pay in order to join website

  • No, the website is free of cost. You can join for free.

Can I use my FB account to login the website?

  • Yes, FB profile can be used to log in the website. It will save you the steps of verification and picture uploading which can take some time.

Can other people contact me if they want to connect with me?

  • Yes, the other people can connect with you if they are on the website. They will send you request and if you approve their friend request then they can connect with you and have a conversation with you.