Terms of services

  • The website has free access but you have to be 18+ to have an original account.

  • Fake accounts are not allowed.

  • Personal information; such as phone number, Skype name, home address should not be shared while making an account on the website.

  • If the account does not meet the provided guideline, account will be deleted without notification.

  • Email address and date of birth is required to make an account which will be kept confidential as date of birth is only required to calculate the age. This information will not be shared on the public profile.

  • Another user can only contact you if they have accepted your friend request sent via our system.

  • Your profile and profile picture will be seen in our search as well as in other search engines like yahoo, Google etc.

  • Image which can violate the copyright rule is strictly prohibited.

  • Terms can be update anytime without notification.